They warn of a 73% increase in child pornography coverage © Cico. In the year of the covid 19 pandemic, a growing problem is the 73% increase in child pornography reports. only in July to August 2020, The General Administration of science of the National Guard reported that it was approved © From the Internet, alertsPage 3 © Rez, a researcher at the early research institute. in fact, after months of physical incarceration, children and teenagers spend more time on their electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets and computers), whether in schools or entertainment places, which is why cyber invaders are used © Experts say that's why 50 civil society organizations, from the early institute and C.They launched a nationwide cyber violence campaign, Children and adolescents. you may be interested in: adult websites use Microsoft and Youtube software to detect inappropriate content states that the event will start on March 8 and last for six months. she said that in digital space, children and adolescents have no security, Only responsible company is an effective preventive measure. one third of Internet users are me.Under the age of 18, 71% of children, adolescents and adults aged 15 to 24 are connected to the Internet. he pointed out © Smart phones are nurturing a "bedroom culture," that is, Risks and threats can be accessed at home 24 hours a day. he mentioned that 92% of all child sexual abuse URLs identified by IWF are located in five countries. he stressed that the early research institute's approach is to call on civil society to take action.RA publicizes problems and raises awareness of its current scale. therefore, it is recommended to use safe and constantly updated counters, conduct trust dialogue with children, basically use digital security tools, and avoid sharing personal or family images. https://spotoclub102.mystrikingly.com/blog/latest-microsoft-azure-certification-az https://spoto-club1.my-free.website/blog/post/396066/latest-microsoft-azure-certification-dp https://6042d43e70d3a.site123.me/blog/latest-microsoft-data-certification-ai https://spoto-club1.sitey.me/blog/post/396071/latest-microsoft-data-certification-da https://spotoclub102.weebly.com/spoto-club/latest-microsoft-data-certification-dp

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